Vacancies with Blue Ocean Waves

The following vacancies are available with Blue Ocean Waves Ltd.

  • Stringed Instruments Teacher
  • Woodwind Teacher
  • Brass Teacher
  • Percussion Teacher
  • Piano Teacher
  • Dance Teacher
  • Drama and Musical Theatre Teacher
  • Grant Application
  • Writer
  • Fundraisers
Please use the form to apply.

Upload your CV, and your DBS certificate with a cover note on why you would like to work for Blue Ocean Waves Centre.

Volunteer with Blue Ocean Waves

Do you have a passion to work with children with or without the special needs? We’re always on the look out for new volunteers to help run our classes. We require you to be DBS Checked, too. Please fill in the form and upload your documents with a cover note on how you can help make a difference at Blue Ocean Waves Centre.

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